Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jeremiah's Close Call

I went out looking for a deer this morning with Shane Koury and Jeremiah Johnson. Jeremiah and I have spent a TON of time in the woods and were ready for some new scenery. Shane took us in to one of his trusty spots and it did not disappoint. Right off the bat we glassed up a couple small bucks and some does. After picking the hillside apart and not finding any more deer, we hiked over the ridge to glass the other direction. Immediately we picked up some bucks. One of them was a borderline buck. After some convincing, Jeremiah grabbed his bow and off we went with Shane on point. The stalk went perfect. The bucks fed over the ridge as we were moving into position. As we worked towards the edge, anticipating a shot opportunity, a doe and small buck fed up out of a cut we couldn't see and busted us! As they bound down the back side they took our "shooter" with them. So close to closing the deal! Thanks for the help Shane!

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