Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fifteen Yard Bull

While calling to a larger herd bull, this horny little guy came to within 15 yards! He hung around forever. With light fading, we finally just got up and repositioned ourselves on the herd bull. The young one still didn't spook.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2012 Mathews Heli-m

I got a chance to play with the 2012 Mathews Heli-m this past week and was very impressed. It took me back to the days when Mathews was just an infant in the bow industry and debuted a super light weight bow called the Z Light! The new Heli-m is a scant 3.5 pounds and loaded with improvements gleaned from having over 20 years in the industry.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Late Archery Deer Hunt

As Jeremiah and I set out for my last day of the late archery deer hunt I was cautiously optimistic. Success on mature bucks in the desert with a bow is hard to come by and we had already used up a lot of good luck the week before when Jeremiah connected on this stud buck.

The morning started slow. We had glassed a herd of whitetail does and also a herd of mule deer does. For the next hour we continued to scour the rolling hills while occasionally checking back on the does to see if a buck had joined them. Finally a small buck appeared with the mule deer. It was nice to see some horns, but not quite what we had pictured chasing. While watching this small buck chase the does around, Jeremiah noticed a doe running out of an obscured draw below the herd. Following right behind her was a mature buck! He wasn't a monster, but with nothing else happening, we decided to make a play on the buck. We hiked off our glassing spot and were actually able to drive the truck to within about half a mile of where we had last seen the buck. As we crept up the last little ridge between us and the deer,  we were excited to see that the herd was still there. At that point we turned on the camera and Jeremiah was able to capture the hunt on film.

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