Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7 Elk Scouting

With the season opening in just two more days, I was excited to see my truck read only 39 degrees this morning as I arrived at my spot. There were a few bulls talking and I did my best to get a look at them without them knowing I was there. The first bull I saw was really lighting it up. He was about a 320" 6x6 with a unique split beam. I decided to forgo trying to film him in hopes of finding his competitor who was also talking a bit. I hadn'd seen the other bull yet, but it was worth the gamble. We are looking for bulls over the magic 350" mark. Unfortunately the other bull was even smaller. I did however get some great footage of him raking and bugling. Later in the morning I was also able to slip in on a couple small 6 points who seemed to be sharpening up their sparring skills. Didn't find any "shooters" this morning, but still had a good time.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The "Bee" Bull

Took my wife and kids out for a hike with me to check one of my trail cameras tonight. When we got close we could here a bull bugling, so we crept closer and got in some cover waiting for the bull to come out in a meadow. After just a few minutes, he followed a couple cows out and put on a show for us that lasted about 5 minutes. On the hike back out I stepped on a bee hive. My youngest son was right on my heels and we instantly felt the pain of the many angry bees. We will always remember this bull as the bee bull.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sept. 4 Bugling Bulls!

Got into a couple screamers this morning! Both of these bulls were with cows and loved to let everything in the woods know about it. The second bull actually came over the ridge hot on a cow panting and glunking like it was the peak of the rut! I can't believe it is only Sept. 4! If this is any indication, it ought to be an exciting month in the woods!

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