Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diaper Sniper, "Elk"

I had the opportunity to hunt elk with Skyler Koury, AKA "The Diaper Sniper" and his dad Shane Koury, owner of Koury Guide Service, this last weekend on a limited opportunity elk hunt. After locating a couple of shooters during several scouting trips, the elk had lady luck on their side for the first few days. On Monday, we continued to look for the needle in a haystack. With so few elk, especially "shooters", the hunt seemed to be turning into mission impossible! Late in the morning we cut some fresh tracks and began the three and a half hour tracking job. While the soft sand provided a good trail, the dense cover offered very few shot opportunities. Finally, after a few close calls, Skyler was able to touch off a round and put down his bull with just one well placed shot. The bull didn't know what hit him and never got out of his bed! Congrats on a great bull Skyler!

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